Hotels find our Services and Agreement particularly convenient while creating an atmosphere of elegance and warmth as guests enter the lobby. Our compositions can establish an inspiring focal point as a first impression while tastefully complimenting your existing style or theme. Create a hospitable and inviting ambience with flowers beginning with your reception desk and lobby, on to your guest’s room and throughout their stay with you.

Some of our hotel clients have chosen to include flowers or European gardens in their elevator lobbies, lounge area tables, bar area, business services centers, work out or spa facilities, concierge desk, bridal suites and gift shops. You may wish to have your designs delivered on a Friday for your weekend patrons. You will have a consultative meeting with a team that includes your account representative and a design specialist to help you with new and fresh options.

As a total solution provider, Lily of the Valley Floral Arrangements also accommodates your need for larger interior live plants and containers. As a full service resource our hotel clients also order our customized gift baskets as welcome or themed gifts for special groups or guests.